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  well, last night in london ontario sfz/zumpano
 played. first up..zumpano. this was the first time
 i've ever seen them live and it definitely was not
 the last time i'll go and see them. the crowd was
 numerous but not reactionary. carl mocked the quiet
 crowd in between songs by politely clapping himself.
 they kicked off their set with "the party rages on".
 a good mix of songs off both albums. 
  next.. superfriendz. matt in his "beatlefest '83"
 shirt and charles in his steaming toolie t-shirt, they
 began the show by taking requests. about halfway through
 the set, drew broke a string in the middle of a song
 so the rest of the guys finished the song with an extended
 jam while drew replaced the string in less than a minute!
 last night also marked the one year anniversary that lonnie
 has been with the superfriendz. matt said that one year ago
 that night lonnie had played his first show with them at cafe 
 ole in halifax. they had jason zumpano present him with a
 one year anniversary trophy. it was this cheesy, old tennis 
 trophy that said 1984 on it. they had broken off the tennis
 racquet in the little guy's hand and taped on a match stick
 in each hand to represent drumsticks. lonnie remarked that he
 wished his mom was here to see this and that the past year
 has been great and these guys really *are* superfreindz! 
 then by request of lonnie, they whipped off a wreckless eric
 cover song. i've only seen them play it live once before.
 so.. they played lots of songs off the 10 ", blue tatoo,
 stuff from MUSD and took lots of requests. just plain excellent!
  the crowd in london was polite but there didn't seem to be much
 excitement. that's too bad because the bands were trying real hard
 to persuade people to dance or move or something. oh well.
 it was a fantastic show all the same.


 ps- london is home of the "nice body, snider." comment as
    aired on that YTV interview done at a playground.