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Re: The Beach Boys and the Sloan boys

Hi there friends,

Thanks, TexAss, for stating something we often overlook: we have a 
whole different culture to thank for today's music.

And for those who are tired of dissecting each song... I never used 
the word "Ripped off". To me, a rip-off is when someone takes someone 
else's song, puts in a chord or two, changes the words and _then_ 
says that he's never even _heard_ that popular song he's ripped off, 
much less been influenced by it. Case in point: That band who's got a 
certain song on C103 right now that has the exact same chords as Bad 
Company's "Feel Like Making Love", the verses to Boston's "More Than 
a Feeling", etc., without even trying to make it sound fresh. Flak.

To me, dissecting a song leads to finding who Sloan's true 
_subliminal_ influences are. Sure, we can all say, "Oh, I was 
influenced by the Jesus Lizard, Gentle Giant, the Velvet Underground" 
and whatever else makes us look cool, but listening to a song and 
checking out what it sounds like gives us an idea of maybe what the 
composer was listening to or was tuned to at the time. I know, for 
every song I wrote, I can see what I was listening to at the moment. 
To see how other composers think/work is fun for me. Okay, it may not 
be fun for everyone here, but you gotta admit, Sloan didn't get to be 
such geniuses by locking themselves in some cave and starting over 
afresh, without listening to any other band. Hey, John Lennon would 
often listen to a favorite song repeatedly, then turn the tape off 
and immediately write a song so that he could have a song with the 
same feel. It works, too. Just don't use the same chords.

I'd love to be able to hear someone say ten years down the road, 
"Hey, I hear a Sloan influence in your song..." So far, people have 
mentioned James Taylor, Poco, George Harrison, Steve Hackett, Styx, 
etc. etc. I listen to all these guys, therefore I'm flattered. 
However, had they said I sound like Yoko Ono, then I might have been 
insulted. S;^)

Again, I repeat, Murph (I think) once mentioned that "Twice Removed" 
was basically "us showing off our record collection" (Wait a second, 
that might have been Jay or Patrick in Moncton's last "Vallium".) Why 
couldn't OCTA be that also? That's what I love to do in my songs. Ah, 
I should stop talking about my own songs...

Ah, well, guess it's different strokes for different folks.
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)

"Truth is beauty. Beauty is truth. Anything that is not
beautiful must not be the truth, but a fabricated figment
of someone's imagination." Philsophy learned from "The Restaurant
at the End of the Universe", book II of the five-part trilogy,
"The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy", by Douglas Adams. S;^)