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BAD NEWS: SuperFriendz/Zumpano/Peterborough

Sorry for y'all living in Peterborough but the show scheduled for November
4th at the Trasheteria will not happen.
Apparently there will no longer be shows at the Trash in Peterborough,
that's what I was told.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...
The following dates are still a go for SuperFriendz/Zumpano:
5	Trasheteria, Kingston, ON
6	X-Club, Hamilton, ON
7	Horseshoe, Toronto, ON
8	Volcano, Kitchener, ON
9	The Cave, Ottawa, ON
10	Gord's Place, St.Catharines, ON

The new Zumpano video for "Behind The Beehive" is now in the hands of the
Mighty MuchMusic (and MusiquePlus!).