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Re: The Beach Boys and the Sloan boys

OK this is becoming tiresome.  Ours is not to dissassemble every single
influence of Sloan down to which particular song of which particular group
is being ripped off.  Although "Everything You've Done Wrong" may sound like
The Beatles' "Eight Days a Week" it was reportedly inspired (as reported in
the Impact interview) by none other than Chicago.  The point is, rock music
is a limited medium, derived originally from the blues (I don't want to
argue on that point, I realize there are millions of other influences) but
there are only so many chords in one key and so many ways of arranging those
chords.  Eventually, someone is going to write something that sounds like
something else.  
        I am all for analysis of the Sloan genre and it's musical
influences, but I think it's stretching it to say that "such and such a
song" is the "something else by someone else" rip-off.  Sloan has always
been original, give them that.