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Re: The Beach Boys and the Sloan boys

Well if ya wanna get real deep with who ripped off who, then we all need
to look way back to the people that started music in the first place. 
And who the heckNhell might that be you all are asking??  Well the
cavemen is the answer.  If it wasn't for them banging out the tight slow
jams with their rock's, n stone's and sticks we would all be real bored
with nothing to do but pick our nose's while swimming in Butterscotch
pudding with Bill Cosby, eating already melted Vanilla pudding pop's. 
But yes Sloan does have that Beatles feel to them, as the Beatles had
that Buddy Holly feel, as Elvis ripped off rock n roll from all the cool
assed black folk.  And the black population used what their soulful
family gave them, which came from the slaves that sung to forget the bad
shit that the slave owners where doing to them.  So actually we have
African American's to thank for Sloan, The Beatles, etc. for all the
great music we listen to.

Straight outta the bowel's of TexAss.  SonofScetchie lives in his
delicate universe.
Only to be bothered by Hockey, guitar's, the few women that he knows, and
his odd
obsession with pudding.

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996 17:16:08 -0500 (EST) merkley\!/sentex.net (Brian R.
Merkley) writes:
>OK this is becoming tiresome.  Ours is not to dissassemble every 
>influence of Sloan down to which particular song of which particular 
>is being ripped off.