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Cool Blue Halo all ages in Kitchener November 9

Hey Folks (kids like me especially)!

I'm doing a Cool Blue Halo show on Saturday, November 9th at the Korova Cafe.
This is an unlicensed all-ages (one of their few all-ages stops in Ontario, I
believe...) show, starting at 8:30 PM and over around 11 PM. It'll be $4 at
the door before 9 PM, and $5 after.

The Korova is at 79 Joseph St. in downtown Kitchener, beside the transporation
centre. Email me for more detailed driving directions.

Also playing are locals Splurge, Henry, and Wilt. East Coast relations-- Henry
opened for Plumtree and Thrush Hermit, Wilt opened for the Super Friendz
show, and Splurge's bassist once played bass on "Underwhelmed" for a Sloan show
at Federation Hall in 1994.

I'm doing this 'cause it's the only way I can get to SEE the band on tour,
so come
out and support fan-based shows. And if you're interested in helping out, or
getting on the mailing list to hear about cool non-EC shows, please email me!


Patrick Wilkins        2B Independent Studies, University of Waterloo
                 Imprint Newspaper and CKMS 100.3 FM

                    Upcoming Ramona Records Shows:
      Dan Bryk with Wilt and Jim English -- Korova, Friday November 1
           Cool Blue Halo w/Henry -- Korova, Saturday November 9

      Autumn Jamboree Food Bank Benefit featuring Henry, Craig Cardiff,
     Deb, Soma, Jazzarus and percussion jam-- One King, Friday Nov. 15

         Craig Cardiff and Mersey -- Korova, Saturday November 16

       ON with Sintoy and Preschool -- Korova, Thursday November 28

              NEW ADDRESS: palwilki\!/calum.csclub.uwaterloo.ca