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Re: (Beach Boys)/Beatles (O(H )NO!!!)

> Frankly, no, I don't hear a bit of Beach Boys influence in Sloan. The
> falsetto was actually pretty common in the 50s and 60s -- think Franki
> Valli ("Big Girls Don't Cry"), Jan and Dean ("Dead Man's Curve"), Del
> Shannon ("Runaway" -- I think it was Del Shannon, anyway), the Drifters
> ("Boardwalk"), Smokey Robinson ("Tears of a Clown") -- I could go on, I
> grew up listening to my parents' old 45s... erm, 'scuse me, my parents' old
> 7"s.  :-)

Yes, but did lead singers sing falsetto while the others would 
harmonize with "ooohs" also in falsetto? The "I gave mine away" gives 
it all away, in my opinion. "Pet Sounds". See my previous post where 
I mention a quote of Chris' on the subject. Like a friend said 
yesterday, (paraphrase again) "It isn't bad to show your influences 
in what you play." 

Next, you'll be telling me "Everything You've Done Wrong" is not a 
geniously-diguished reference to "Eight Days a Week" as if the 
Beatles would have re-recorded it during the Strawberry Fields 
Forever/Penny Lane/Sgt. Pepper sessions in 1967. Extremely clever. 
Extremely good. The boys have got me raving about them on the Gentle 
Giant (read: Hardcore Progressive Rock) mailing list, and I'm not the 
only one doing so. (Funny how my five mailing lists are 
interconnecting lately.)

Another Beatles reference here before I'm beheaded. S;^) Anyone hear 
Anthology 3? Check out the different version of "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da" 
that was previously unreleased. Now, I know Sloan could never have 
heard this beforehand, but it comes remarkably close to "The Lines 
You Amend" (or vice versa). Alright, now we've got a band that is not 
simply copying from the Beatles, it has inherited the innovative 
spirit of the Beatles (or their musical train of thought) and are 
going to new places with it. Now, is that such a bad thing to say?

If you can't make the connection, I refer you to a missing link: 
Utopia's "Deface the Music". Ultimate and blatant copying of the 
Beatles to a point where it's ingenious. "Hoi Poloi" offered the link 
between "Penny Lane" and "Everything You've Done Wrong". (Yes, it 
took me four months to figure that one out!) (Plus the "Eight Days a 
Week" copy helped also.) (Afterword: Ah! Throw in the guitar from 
"Getting Better" into the mix.) "Feel Too Good" (or is it "Feel Too 
High"?) offered the "Getting Better" link also. You can name the 
Beatle songs copied as the "Deface the Music" album plays. Yep, Sloan 
are the only guys who take from the Beatles without sounding like a 
Beatles copy group.

In some of your eyes, I may have bastardized Sloan's music. Hope I 
didn't offend anyone. Just unveiled some of the most creative genius 
I have heard in a looooooong while. 

Until the next time I open my mouth, with or without foot insertion,
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)

"Truth is beauty. Beauty is truth. Anything that is not
beautiful must not be the truth, but a fabricated figment
of someone's imagination." Philsophy learned from "The Restaurant
at the End of the Universe", book II of the five-part trilogy,
"The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy", by Douglas Adams. S;^)