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>Does anyone hear any Beach Boys influence in Sloan?  Jay Ferguson laughed
>at the idea, but I think it's obvious.  It's mainly Chris.  The high
>falsetto (sic?):  come on, who else but Brian Wilson used it so much.  It's
>not the music that reminds me of the Beach Boys, just Chris' voice.  I
>understand that Chris only recently bought some Beach Boys records, but I
>can't avoid hearing the influence.  Any comments?

Frankly, no, I don't hear a bit of Beach Boys influence in Sloan. The
falsetto was actually pretty common in the 50s and 60s -- think Franki
Valli ("Big Girls Don't Cry"), Jan and Dean ("Dead Man's Curve"), Del
Shannon ("Runaway" -- I think it was Del Shannon, anyway), the Drifters
("Boardwalk"), Smokey Robinson ("Tears of a Clown") -- I could go on, I
grew up listening to my parents' old 45s... erm, 'scuse me, my parents' old
7"s.  :-)

These aren't all one shot deals either -- these people sang in falsettos or
very high registers in just about every song they recorded...