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Re: CBC thing

Boost Ventillator wrote:

>To tell you the truth, i am not quite sure what the logic is behind the
>petition is...it is a great cause (heck, it is one of the best!), but
>technically, if i am sending this petition to x amount of people and they
>sign it, doesn't that mean that there will be x amount of lists with the
>same  names and only one name will be different? Oh, I don't have time to
>thing about this really....

ok, well I agree with this.  It is kind of illogical.  I guess that I let my
enthusiasm get the better of me.  The only proposition that I can think of
is to get everyone on sloannet who's interested in signing the petition to
e-mail me and I will send the modified list to the person who started it.
So if you want to participate in this just e-mail me with your name and
city-province.  Just put cbc in the subject.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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