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Sloan speech, zines + questions

	I was looking through my stuff and I found this, it is a one minute
persuasive speech I had to give my grade twelve english class.  I think I'll
put in my next zine to but more on that later.  Well enjoy:

	When you turn on the radio and it seems that each song seems to be ripping
off the song ahead of it you know you need a band that is origional and is
not just a one hit wonder like all the rest.  You know you need a band
like... Sloan.  Sloan is made up of Andrew Scott, Chris Murphy, Jay
Ferguson, and Patrick Petland.
	They are probably the most critically aclaimed musicians in Canada at this
time.  Their second album, Twice Removed, was rated the number one album
ever made in Canada by the people in the business, musicians, critics and
producers as published in Chart magazine and the Rolling Stone rated it in
the top ten albums you never heard in 1995 (is this information all correct
or was it the top 5 or was it in 1994?).
	I personally believe them to be an amazing band as every time you stick in
one of their CD's you have a new favorite song of theirs. They have long
been the darling of the underground and independant (not really but oh well)
scene.  It won't be long before they break out like R.E.M. or Nirvana (soory
had to put that or jock boys wouldn't listen)
	So buy one of their albums and you won't be "underwhelmed"!

So there you have it.  

To all the people who write zines could you please send me your e-mail
address as I am trying to make a list of e-mail address to go in my zine.
So far I have about 20.  Send me yours or anyone elses who writes a zine.
Get their permission first though.

To those that want a copy of my zine (sorry shameless plug) State of Mind,
please send a $1, trade or mix tape to:
	c\o Jamie McDonald
	R.R. #4 Glencoe
	Ontario, Canada
	N0L 1M0

Oh, to Colin, Al and Elizabeth I'll be sending yours out on monday.  Sorry
about the delay.  i found your messages while looking through old messages.

Is any one going to the Super Friendz concert friday in London? is it all ages?

Someone please write me back with some anwsers or just to talk
			Free Burma
				Jamie McDonald

to all those who don't show e-mail addresses

Heather McDonald