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inbreds,elevator,eric's trip

Hello there,

Thanks Laura for pointing out some etiquette for me.  So here's the final
post.  Anyone in Victoria wanting sappy stuff, just write me.  I'll set up
a mail list and send messages to you all when new stuff/information comes
out.  Enough said.

Didn't anyone catch the Inbreds' profile on CBC last night?  Maybe the
comments haven't been posted yet.  I'm not a Huge Inbreds fan, but they're
definately a great band.

Has anyone heard about the new Eric's Trip 7"?  I've only been on this
sloan net thing for a few days, but I haven't heard any mention of it yet.
I'm not even sure if Julie wanted me to tell people about it.  I gues it
will be ok if I mentioned it.  When Broken Girl came to Victoria last
summer, Julie mentioned that the break up of Eric's Trip didn't feel quite
right, a bit premature.  She firmly stated that nothing's going to change,
but you never know.

Last week Julie mentioned that Rick was talking about putting out a new
Eric's Trip 7".  If I have my info right, the 7" will feature songs written
independently by all four members, but performed by ET.  Julie said that
she's going to ask Rick more about it in a month or so.

Rick is currently doing up the artwork for the Eric's Trip compilation.  It
does look like Sub Pop will have nothing to do with it.

I recently bought the Elevator To Hell Part 3 12" last month.  I have all
the Elevator stuff prior to it, but I initially bought the Parts 1-3 cd
when it was released.  I kept finding the Parts 1-2 and Part 3 so
different.  Here (on the cd) you have a great amazing record, with a common
feel throughout, and then the song boots starts up changing everything.  I
think Part 3 is amazing as well, but should be listened separately from the
first 12".  So I bought Part 3 separately.  Am I being stupid?

Take Care,
Kevin Scofield