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montreal vs. the super friendz

hallo :)

last night, sloannetters Andrea (from Vancouver, B.C.) and i (living in 
Ottawa, ON) ventured into Montreal to catch Zumpano and the Super Friendz 
at Foufons <?>.  Quaint place, pretty neat, and a descent turnout.

we missed the opening act from Montreal.  oops.

next up were Zumpano whose peppy pop was in perfect style :)

then the fabulous Super Friendz hit the stage.  Looking lean and mean 
like a green machine.. uhhh.. noooo...  They were full-on rockers with 
the lights-a-flashing, smoke-machine-a-puffing, and the usual rock 
moves.  Hearts wer a-poundin' when early on in the set, Matt tried to hop 
onto the drumkit, but slipped, and the front of the bass drum was torn.  
Now, that's rock'n roll!  

It a pretty short set.  They played material off of _MUSD_ and _PTGNG_, as 
well as 3 new songs and a cover.  Matt has an absolutely beautiful and 
heart-wrenching ballad.  The chorus goes along the lines of (and i'm 
paraphrasing) "i thought you felt the same way as me, but now i will die
knowing you did not love me".  It is sooooooo beautiful and sad.  Drew 
had a "new" tune as well (but i've heard it before), and was in fine 
screeching mode during the theme song.  Lonnie impressed the crowd with 
his stick throwing,and Charles.. was Charles, i guess ;)  The cover song 
wounded like a country-ish tune?  just based on the lyrics, which i don't 
remember.  unfortunately, there were time restrictions so there was no 
encore :(  and no "Up and Running" either :( :( :( :(  but the hits were 

a great night for music :)  yahoo :)  AND if you're in Montreal tonight, 
catch the Super Friendz and Zumpano at one of the bars at McGill 
(Granz?)  Cover is $3, and doors open at 7 p.m.  (darn, wish i could go 

oh yeah, and Pete Elkas (of the Local Rabbits) was up front for one song 
doing the "jock dance"!!!!!  heehee :)

				...sizzle teen

carol nishitoba  :)               !  "Carol?  OH! Sushi, Drew - yeah I know 
ccnishit\!/cousteau.uwaterloo.ca    !    Carol" -- Mike O'Neill