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Re: Back w/ questions

On Wed, 30 Oct 1996, GLEN BOURGEOIS wrote:

> Sorry, I will not post 6 messages today, BTW,
> Eric's Trip rarities album: A little bird told me (You can guess...) 
> "Right now, (the band is) being lazy..." and "Sub Pop doesn't want to 
> carry it, so I guess the band will have to carry it on its own."

I don't know who the "little bird" was, but I know that the album is 
completed.  I mean, it's rareties, so the songs are already recorded 
obviously, and when I spoke to Dan from Subpop he said he had gotten a 
tape of the album from Rick, so I don't know how "lazy" the band can be 
about this.  I mean, perhaps the cover art is not finished, or they are 
not willing to do interviews, but I wouldn't say hthat that is laziness 
or that laziness is the cause for the delay.

> Of course, everyone has their own projects in mind also. Kinda like 
> asking Paul to stop work on "Band on the Run", return from Africa, 
> and join up with John, who's been ordered to return from New York and 
> the "Walls and Bridges" sessions, as well as George from "Dark Horse" 
> (I may be mixing up my dates here) to do a Beatles Rarities album. 
> Hmmmm....
> Eek,
> Glen (aka Barney Rubble)
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