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Re: Sloan Appearances...

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, Brian R. Merkley wrote:

> Hey there,
>         Can someone update me on the new listing of Sloan appearances on
> various media?  I'm aware of their appearance on the NewMusic on Nov 5th
> (MuchMusic), but what else?  I heard about something involving the CBC?
> Help me out?

Hi Ryan and all others interested,

Someone had mentioned this before but on November 9 I believe Realtime on 
CBC fm radio(and on Realaudio over the internet) will be broadcasting 
highlights(including Sloan) from Halifax on music. As well I believe in 
December Realtime will be broadcasting a recent Sloan concert. I'll be 
checking the Realtime web page to confirm this but `in the 
meantime'[sizzleteen, i couldn't help it :)] stay tuned!