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Re: Edgefest 95

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, Jason Peter Schad wrote:

> Does anyone have a tape of Edgefest III?  I just saw the set list and saw 
> that they played Same Old Flame and Why  I Didn't Like August 93.  I've 
> read all the reviews in the past months, and as I was listening to my 
> rarities tape yesterday and got to thinking, "How often do they play the 
> rare stuff in concert?"  When I saw them, they didn't play any, but they 
> only had 45 min. 

I'm assuming they played all their rarities at Edgefest III(1995) because 
they really intended to not play together that often. If I recall they 
also played songs off `Smeared' and the `Peppermint e.p' also. So they 
probably played all these songs just to please the fans one `last' time. 
My god they even played `Underwhelmed' that day. That day was the only 
time I have ever seen Sloan live and it was a beautiful experience.

As to a copy of the concert, I had pulled a bootleg/radio broadcast list 
by different artists off one of the alt.music newsgroups which included 
the Sloan Edgefest concert and well since then I have erased the file. 
However I remember that the guy offering these bootlegs/radio broadcasts 
lived in Scarborough(I think). He offered to dub any of his collection 
for $10 per tape. Does anyone recall this person?