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Re: Inbreds on YTV??

mon...didn't you see my post...I saw them too...well they looked like the 
Inbreds but they sounded pretty awful..oh well they were probably still 
drunk from the night before or something like that...they really are a 
good band though.  You should go get their album...it rocks.


On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, ALFRED VICTOR REMO wrote:

> So I get home from school, turn on the T.V., and what do I see? One guy on
> drums, another on guitar, and the third guy just standing there singing
> away. It sounded like the Inbreds, but I wasn't sure cause I'd never seen
> them before. Come to think of it, the chorus of the song they were singing
> was "...I wanna be your friend...".  It was a nice, happy little ditty!
> I turned it on through mid-song, and of course after they were through
> singing "that Phil guy" made no mention of who they were. So, can anyone
> verify this or have mid-terms truely fried my brain?
> Alfred