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Re: Back w/ questions

Sorry, I will not post 6 messages today, BTW,

Eric's Trip rarities album: A little bird told me (You can guess...) 
"Right now, (the band is) being lazy..." and "Sub Pop doesn't want to 
carry it, so I guess the band will have to carry it on its own."

Of course, everyone has their own projects in mind also. Kinda like 
asking Paul to stop work on "Band on the Run", return from Africa, 
and join up with John, who's been ordered to return from New York and 
the "Walls and Bridges" sessions, as well as George from "Dark Horse" 
(I may be mixing up my dates here) to do a Beatles Rarities album. 

Glen (aka Barney Rubble)

What?!?!?!? You honestly thought there would be a sig file here?