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Re: Stooges

> I think it was a Nike commercial, the tune was "search and destroy" off of 
> The Stooges "Raw Power" LP.  And that came out 4 or 5 years before before 1977!

Aaaaaaah! We have liftoff!!! So far, three have mentioned the song 
"Search and Destroy", and two have mentioned the Stooges (one said 
Iggy Pop), so I guess we have a winner! (I _knew_ it sounded like a 
youthful Iggy, albeit much different from the "Lust for Life" voice.) 
And the fact that I found out which album it came off of... Room 201, 
here I come for some major fun!!! "...Hi Denis, would you have some 
Stooges, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Steve Hackett, Pere Ubu, Van der Graff 
Generator, PFM...Runs up to $200 for second-hand vinyl? Put it on my 
Visa. Oh, and throw in the Orange Glass bootleg at regular price and 
that should be it." S8^D~

Now, could anyone tell me what important event in history happened in 
1977 to cause a referral? The arrival of the Sex Pistols, peut-etre? 
"Eat your heart out on a plastic tray..." Best insult line I ever 
heard. That and "Nous vous souhaitons un G*****n International" 
(Misquoted line from a French Commercial, translated: We wish you an 
International G*****n. Actually, the ad said "Meilleurs Souhaits de 
Tandem International" (Best Wishes from Tandem International.)

Hmmmm, Letourneau... You wouldn't be originally from Margaree or the 
vicinities, eh?

Babble mode now over,
Glen (aka Barney Rubble) 

What?!?!?!? You honestly thought there would be a sig file here?