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Victoria Sappy guy

Hello.  Kevin here from Sappy Distro in Victoria.  All I can say is, this
is kinda fun.

Well, to all of you who live in Victoria, here's some information.
Next week I will be receiving my latest shipment from Julie.  I will
finally be getting a bunch of the new Elevator 7" (it's about time).  I
will also have some of everything else on Sappy, except the ones that have
sold out, of course.

To Eve, I'm sorry but the Broken Girl cd's are all gone.  Julie tried to
get some back from Sub-Pop but couldn't.  I wonder if Derivative has any?
You should ask them; you never know.

To Keith, yes that is I who wrote the Sappy Unyon column.  Sappy Unyon used
to be the name of my distro thingy, but I've decided to just concentrate on
Sappy stuff (Tristan Psionic is the only band I like on Sonic Unyon,
anyways).  The name Sappy Unyon was pretty dumb, but I figured It was a
blatant description of what I have (You're right Chris, the name was a bit
much).  Where did you get the Elevator boot from?  I'm getting a couple
video boots of the Sloan and Broken Girl shows played in Victoria.  You
should give me a call and we could get together and chat about such stuff.

I just asked myself, "why the hell am I posting this whole message when
it's addressed to only a couple of people?"  Well, I've discovered my
answer.  This way others can read it and perhaps be interested in what I've
said.  I've noticed that a lot of people do this.  Is it anoying?  Whoa,
this message has gotten way too long.  Sorry for the length.  Anyways,
Keith and Eve, we should get in touch.  There's another guy in town who is
a fellow fan of such music.  I even got the first Eric's Trip demos off
him.  His name is Jeremy Robinson in case you already know him.  Ahhh!

Kevin Scofield