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Re: Sloan and 60s music

I can hear a little of the Beach Boy's in Sloan(all thanks to my dads bad
assed oldies collection of vinyl).  I hear some Beatles also.  Then I
just hear Sloan.  I hope that no one thinks that I am dissing Sloan by
saying they sound like the Beach Boys cuz personally I think that they
rock hard core on the sun tan lotion tip.

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On Tue, 29 Oct 96 18:45:54 EST "Gina Stough" <stoughg\!/vrinet.com> writes:
>"Does anyone hear any Beach Boys influence in Sloan?  Jay Ferguson 
>at the idea, but I think it's obvious.  It's mainly Chris.  The high 
>falsetto (sic?):  come on, who else but Brian Wilson used it so much.  
>not the music that reminds me of the Beach Boys, just Chris' voice.  I 
>understand that Chris only recently bought some Beach Boys records, 
>but I 
>can't avoid hearing the influence.  Any comments?"
>I can see this, whether or not it's actually true.  Sloan's music 
>first reminded
>me of the Hollies (w/Graham Nash), then the Byrds...which is great