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re: Zumpano (Ok not EC)

On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Michael Ligon wrote:

> 1) How does this album compare to the first(which I haven't heard)?

	Well, I'd have to say the first one's better. Not by much, but if 
you like the new one, I can't see you not liking _Rookie_.

> 2) What is the track listing?

	1. Behind the Beehive
	2. Broca's Ways
	3. Throwing Stars
	4. Here's the Plan
	5. The Only Reason Under the Sun
	6. The Millionaire Poets
	7. Let's Fight
	8. It Doesn't Take a genius
	9. The Sylvia Hotel
	10. Momentum
	11. The Angel With the Good News
	12. Some Sun


"I watch them both with my telescope.
 I'm watching both her hands on a bottle of Coke.
 And her medic alert tag says she's okay,
 just allergic to peanuts, so she'd better stay away."
	- The Bonaduces, "Really Powerful Telescope"