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Other Various questions, this time from Barney..

Hi guys, long time no see,

Two questions here:

1) Am I the only one that has found Maritime influences on the new 
Pursuit of Happiness album, "The Wonderful World of the Pursuit of 
Happiness"? Hmmm... the first song sounds oddly like one Rick White 
would write... Buying the album, I find out it's called Tara. Oop. 
Then there's also "Tara's Theme". "What You Did to My Girl" (all 
about a guy who loses his girlfriend... to another girl. I can 
relate.) is pure pop satisfaction (and a good one to keep the tears 
from flowing, when they're just on the brink), and has backup vocals 
that sound mysteriously like Rick and Tara singing along with Moe. 
Nah, it can't be, they're not on the credits... (Listen to the album! 
I'm not joking!)

Comparing with other groups, just the song "Tara" itself covers lots 
of Maritime ground. Sloan-style playing (a la "One Chord to Another") 
mixed with Jale harmonies, seguing into a 1:30 pop-rocker called "I 
Like You" (with its John-Lennon-style addition: "My friends and 
family all give you a B....Plus!!!!"). Sloan also comes through on 
"Back of My Mind" (another favorite on the album) and, geez, do I 
hear an ACCORDIAN on one of the songs? I LOVE THIS ALBUM!

And, the second question:

2) Anyone remember that Nike (or was it IBM) commercial during the 
Olympics last summer with a totally radical punk-pop song with 
something being said about the 20th century? This is 30 seconds of 
classic punk to the max, and I don't even know who the band was!!! 
The Stooges always came to mind (although I've never listened to 
their music). HEEEEEELP!

Thanks in advance,
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)

What?!?!?!? You honestly thought there would be a sig file here?