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re: Zumpano (Ok not EC)

I'm sorry to have to bother you all with my rather irrelevant questions 
about Zumpano who are not from the east coast BUT did record a single for 
Murderecords(I hope that meets the east coast requirements). Yesterday I 
picked up Zumpano's new CD at a flea market for a cool $3 but it was 
missing both the front and back covers. I've listened to most of the 
songs and it is pretty good 60's influenced pop with a touch of organ and 
piano. My questions are 

1) How does this album compare to the first(which I haven't heard)?

2) What is the track listing?

Thanks for any, and all responses in advance

Mike (who promises not to bring up non-ec bands again if he can help it)

       "She's been gone, gone, gone, She's been gone so long,
              She's been gone, gone, gone so long"
                                            Chilliwack ;)