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moist - wait! this has ec content (fwd)

sorry, this may be a little late for posting but andrea asked me to 
forward it cuz she's away right now. enjoy!

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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 17:27:52 -0700 (PDT)
From: Andrea Gin <agin\!/unixg.ubc.ca>
To: sloannet\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com
Subject: moist - wait! this has ec content

Jale played in Vancouver at DV8 on Monday as a three piece and even 
though i saw this advertised on sloannet when we got there it apparently 
was a warners schmooze thing and the people there to see the band were 
shuffled upstairs so it was hard to see them...
THey did their own sound (and asked for a hand for managing it :) and 
played low key, stripped-down. it was okay, but i like them much better 
as a foursome. Lisa C-W requested "Frightened Of" but they said they 
couldn't play it :( AND...
okay okay i know it's taboo to mention the "m" word here sometimes but i 
thought it was interesting to hear today from one of my friends who went 
to the neil young concert last night with moist opening for them that 
moist played a cover of MJ's "Billie Jean", which i think i heard on 
sloannet is the same thing  the one and only 
Sloan did a mere week and a half ago in Victoria. Coincidence? Hmmm...