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New Orange Glass CD(s)

Hi. Just thought I'd announce there's a new Orange Glass CD just out on
Cambridge Mass.'s Wabana records. It's called "Protography" and it's not
really "the first orange glass full-length" as such, although it is 14
tracks and about 65 minutes long. It's essentially a compilation of old
(1992-1996) four-track recordings (a bit over half previously released on
the two OG cassettes) and is perhaps best approached as an oversized EP or
(better yet) an authorized bootleg. It can be ordered from Wabana (PO Box
381700 Cambridge MA 02238 USA... I think they charge $11 US) or from me c/o
the orange glass mail depot (104 verdun st, Moncton NB E1E 2Y9 Canada) for
twelve bucks (whatever currency they use in your country), which includes
postage. I guess cheques should be made out to Ron Bates.

PS. The _other_ new Orange Glass CD, "Interstellar Interstellar" will be
out on Squirtgun in mid-november and will feature our more hi-fi (such that
it is) rock band sound. Didn't Guns 'n' Roses and Bruce Springsteen already
prove it's a bad idea to release two albums at the same time? ;)