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Well, I'm another one of the new guys.  I'll make this short as it seems that
most people seem to talk forever (and seem to have spelling problems too).
Does anyone hear any Beach Boys influence in Sloan?  Jay Ferguson laughed
at the idea, but I think it's obvious.  It's mainly Chris.  The high
falsetto (sic?):  come on, who else but Brian Wilson used it so much.  It's
not the music that reminds me of the Beach Boys, just Chris' voice.  I
understand that Chris only recently bought some Beach Boys records, but I
can't avoid hearing the influence.  Any comments?

Elevator to Hell has to be one of my favourite bands.  If anyone wants to
chat about the band, or Tara's solo stuff, please write.  Victoria doesn't
have to many people in to this sort of stuff.

Other topics anyone would like to chat about:
-Zumpano, possibly Canada's most talented act with a love for the sixties.
-Beach Boys, obviously.  I just can't get enough of them.  I can't wait
till January when the new Pet Sounds box comes out.
-Sappy records and its bands

That's about it.  Thanks for your time.

Kevin Scofield

If anyone lives in Victoria, and is reading this, I do a distro in town for
Sappy records.  You've probably noticed you can't find Sappy stuff here in
Victoria.  Lyle's Place does carry some, but they get them from me.  If
you're looking for Sappy stuff, call me at 381-4612.  I sell the stuff
cheaper than through Julie (I obvioulsy don't have to charge postage).
Cd's are $11 and 7"s are $4.  Feel free to call any time.