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the Inbreds

hey hey out there :)

the Inbreds brought their tour to Ottawa on Saturday night, and were just 
awesome!  Not having heard their latest cd, i had no idea what to expect 
of their new sound.  But the addition of Matt Kelly added a new 
flavour to the Inbreds, with his gee-tar playing and second bass line 
(not together).  The second bass is just awesome, giving them a fuller 
sound, and adding extra texture.  He also helped with background vocals 
too.  Unfortunately, i couldn't hear Dave's when he sang.  The new songs are 
great (nice bouncy tracks like "Wanna Be Your Friend"), Mike's vocals are 
sounding great, and it was a fun time for all, despite the (failed) 
attempts at Matt Murphy-esque karate man kicks ;)

What made me happy was when they played songs off of _Kombinator_ and 
_Hilario_ w/o changing the arrangement - they kept those songs as the 
bass-drum combo.  Most importantly, the boys seemed to be enjoying 
playing live :)  hurrah!

and for all you kool kats with Much Music, remember to watch the _Wedge_ 
on Tuesday and catch those nice fellas on the tele. :)  

				...sizzle teen
p.s. here's what a big ('cuz i'm little) birdie told me... a possible 
Ontario coffee-house tour by Broken Girl and Snailhouse in November...  

carol nishitoba  :)               !  "Carol?  OH! Sushi, Drew - yeah I know 
ccnishit\!/cousteau.uwaterloo.ca    !    Carol" -- Mike O'Neill