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march and fight

well, the steaming toolie/hercules march and fight "tour" went well 
this weekend.  it was going to be a "tour" but ended up being a one 
night affair in fredericton with the superfriendz and zumpano.  
hercules did a great set, although rather short.  i really would have 
liked to hear more.  i don't know what i liked better though, the set 
or the fireworks display after the show on the st. john river.  
hmm...  zumpano were greater than i ever could have dreamed, even 
though i love both their albums.  carl lisped through well over an 
hour's worth of sheer glistening pop.  highlights were my fave from 
the new one, "broca's ways" as well as "wraparound shades"; their 
cover of "hooked on a feeling" won't soon be forgotten.  the 
superfriendz headlined the show.  it was my first time seeing them 
live, although i've seen them all over tv a million times.  it was 
just what i expected.  great energy, amazing drumming (lonnie has the 
fastest kick foot i've seen in quite awhile), and total rock 
schtickness (including some cute old table jumps from matt).  the 
show was a blast and you can see highlights probably this coming 
sunday night on mucheast.  later,jon
"animals are for eating."  eric.