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Re: a bit of ec : sully

On Fri, 25 Oct 1996, parakeet trooper wrote:
> Sully sound like they could be trying to sound like MBV and with some sort
> of dolores cranberryhead-clone singing...please, if you must invest in 
> in dream pop, there is plenty of great stuff from early lush, slowdive,
> charpterhouse...or even pick up Sianspheric's album...we're not proud to
> say Sully comes from Ottawa...I'm sure the residents of wherever the
> rainbow butt monkeys come from aren't proud of the rainbow butt monkeys
> either (i'm not saying there is anything remotely related between
> either band, other than their incredible excellence in the field of 
> mediocrity... )

I don't know what mbv sounds like so i can't say anything about that 
comparison, but anyway.  I was at an Eric's Trip show that Sully and Sian 
both opened up at.  I thought that Sully were pretty good, though i do 
have to admit that you can make a vocal comparison between the 
cranberries and the singer.  If you look past that thought, Sully had 
nothing in common with typical alterna-rock, and i thought that having 
Sully and Sian open for ET was great.  I know that I liked that show a 
lot better than the all ages afternoon show that i saw earlier that day.  
Anyway, if people from ottawa don't like sully sucks to them.  I'm sure 
that i'll go see them next time they come through.


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