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Re: non-ec : sully

>Sully sound like they could be trying to sound like MBV and with some sort
>of dolores cranberryhead-clone singing...please, if you must invest in
>in dream pop, there is plenty of great stuff from early lush, slowdive,
>charpterhouse...or even pick up Sianspheric's album...we're not proud to
>say Sully comes from Ottawa...

oh, i guess my friends and i are just out of the ottawa scene loop. i've
always thought sully was cool.

guess i'm just not one with the scene.

oh well.


ps. sorry for the non-ec. just hate it when people trash the ottawa scene,
especially when those who trash it do not contribute to the scene at all.

'ooh la la ooo eee cha cha ooo la la cha cha cha'