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dateline - halifax

hello all good kids on sloan net...

tonight was the first time in ages i've been able to attend a show so i
figured i'd write up a bit of a review of both shows i went to. it is
rather long and somewhat tedious, so maybe don't read it.

down at the T-room at tuns, jim cooper played a solo, electric set and
wowed the babes and scott. it was his second set of the night, as he'd
already played down at bob and lori's with dusty sorbet and guests. i was
too busy listening to Ideas on cbc to make it on time, so maybe someone
else can comment on that fine show. the t-room, by the way, is so engineer
friendly - tragically hip songs 24 hours a day, piped into the bar for
your listening convenience. this isn't a bad thing, but it's sort of
funny. jim was playing solo 'cause the band didn't have NO cymbals. sad,
ain't it?

after drummerboy brendan and helperboy james covey brought the
much-anticpated borrowed and glorious cymbals on
stage (mid-song), it looked like we might get a chance to see the whole
band, hercules. trivia: hercules is named after jim's massive guitar.
really....no, it's true.

so hercules jumped on stage and began their first of two sets of the
evening. maybe it's lame for me to say anything about this band, because i
am pretty close to these fellas, but now, it's like i'm there because i
like their music, not because i know them. the songs they play now have
bits of old REM, eric's trip, neil young...but they have all these neat
quirky rhythms in their songs, and chunky guitar bits. so, bits of polvo,
superchunk, etc. too. they were having a lot of fun tonight and 
when they started to play "wildflower" (what were they thinking??), warren
and scott (this is scott who used to be the sloan net list manager, for
old school subscribers) got up and did the most embarrassing dance right
on the stage. the band did not blink a collective eye, they kept right on
as if this sort of thing happens at all their shows.

unfortunately, just as they were mid-"Wildflower" (i can't believe
they've stooped to that... ;) - the kids ate it up!) our party of four had
to leave - heather wanted to see the mini-pops. but of course, being a
birdland show, we missed the mini-pops and got to the venue just in time
to wait forever for zumpano to get on stage. mmm, more time to inhale
second hand smoke. :)

I've never been a zumpano fan. I've always dissed their music and thought
their live show was ... not good. however, i was pleasantly surprised
tonight by mr. zumpano and band. they even got me dancing. what a turn
around - i really like their new songs. about half way through the show, i
started losing interest as the songs dragged out a bit too long and
the style of songs changed a bit and mr. zumpano seemed just a bit too
cheeky to enjoy. but once again, by the end of their set, they had me
loving them all over again. zumpano, the band i love to hate to love to
hate to love to hate to love. i would go see them again. the crowd seemed
to appreciate their music, especially a pair of handsome men up at the
front. mr. zumpano asked sebastian lippa to join them onstage, but he
declined. wouldn't that have been neat?

by the way, birdland was rocker-city. :) my roommate warren hasn't been to
a birdland show where all the local celeb's partake in the festivities, so
this was his night to watch the stars (i'm just being silly). members of
sloan, hardship post, thrush hermit, rebecca west, plumtree, and oh yeah,
the stinky state champs were all in attendance.

the super friendz were quite fun. i have not seen them since late summer
1995. that means this was my first time seeing lonnie in action. god, i'm
so lame for taking this long to see one of their shows.  the absolute best
part was when matt forgot all the words to "come clean" and started
singing "a blah blah blah blah blah". he looked quite the fool. also, as
my friend warren noted, little drew yamada is getting some pete townsend
moves of his own. i remember how he used to stand there, looking almost
petrified. not tonight, nosirree. the set list was a mixture of old and
new and there was i think one cover near the end and i'm embarrassed that
none of the kids in my crowd could identify it. anyone know?

it wasn't the best super friendz show ever, but it sure was a lot of fun
seeing them again. a rather drunk :) marc brown kept jabbing me in the arm
telling me how amazing lonnie is with the sticks. "i could watch him for
the whole show" he gushed. couldn't we all, though? really now. :)

tomorrow night, you can catch ALL these bands, plus steaming toolie, in
fredricton, new brunswick. all on the same bill. hooray for them!


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after September 30, 1996