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Re: sloan on rita

You wrote
>I am also mystified by the success of Rita.  Why is she famous?  Am I missing
>something?  Somebody please clue me in.  (I hope that she is not some national
>treasure and I am about to be flamed severely.) 

Everyone seems to be severely bashing Rita, and I thought I might add my 2 
cents worth.  Don't get me wrong, I don't actually enjoy her music myself 
but I do understand why it's there.  First of all, we have to understand 
that the music industry does not solely cater to our individual needs.  
There's alot of stuff out there that may not be your fave, but you have to 
have some respect for them as musicians.  If everyone listened to exactly 
the same stuff, wouldn't it get kinda boring?  But some would say that Rita 
shouldn't even be respected as a musician cuz she just plain sucks.  But my 
mom loves her cuz my mom was raised in Cape Breton and left when she went to 
school and has never returned.  Everytime she hears Rita she starts to 
reminice about her childhood because Rita is so specific in her details.  
Then she starts to cry because she always wished my family could have moved 
out there. I know alot of my mom's maritime friends feel the same way about 
her.  So just cuz we aren't big fans doesn't mean there isn't an audience to 
support her hour long time slot.  And at least she has given sloan the 
chance to be on that well-watched time slot twice now, and also jale.

 Heather           heather\!/globalserve.on.ca

    "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."  
                               -Willy Wonka