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Re: non-ec : sully

parakeet trooper wrote:

> charpterhouse...or even pick up Sianspheric's album...we're not proud to
> say Sully comes from Ottawa...I'm sure the residents of wherever the
> rainbow butt monkeys come from aren't proud of the rainbow butt monkeys
> either (i'm not saying there is anything remotely related between
> either band, other than their incredible excellence in the field of
> mediocrity... )
> crankyhead

Ok, this IS off topic, but I had to say this.

I'm definetly NOT proud to say that the Rainbow Butt Monkeys hail from
my hometown, Burlington, Ontario.  On another note, I am proud to say
that Sianspheric hail from Burlington as well. 

 Sorry to continue this non-ec thread, but I'm sure you all understand.