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non-ec : sully

> This is a bit off topic, but I was wondering if all you Canadian's have
> heard of a band called Sully?  I guess they're like the Canadian
> equivalent of My Bloody Valentine or some other shoegaze outfit, really
> noisy dreamy stuff.  Has anyone heard it?  where could I get a copy of
> there recent stuff?  Haven't had any luck in the States.

umm...they're not...it's like saying Bush is the english version of
Nirvana (Nirvuhna ? :)), or that Silverchair is the australian version of
Pearl Jam (tm).

Sully sound like they could be trying to sound like MBV and with some sort
of dolores cranberryhead-clone singing...please, if you must invest in 
in dream pop, there is plenty of great stuff from early lush, slowdive,
charpterhouse...or even pick up Sianspheric's album...we're not proud to
say Sully comes from Ottawa...I'm sure the residents of wherever the
rainbow butt monkeys come from aren't proud of the rainbow butt monkeys
either (i'm not saying there is anything remotely related between
either band, other than their incredible excellence in the field of 
mediocrity... )