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Re: slam on rita

In message Fri, 25 Oct 1996 12:41:18 -0300 (ADT),
  Mike Pick <hardship\!/ra.isisnet.com>  writes:

>> I am also mystified by the success of Rita.  Why is she famous?  Am I
>> missing something?  Somebody please clue me in.

> Let us not be so cynical! Besides, is government funding of artists any
> more insidious than the corporate money grubbers who try to shove so much
> shit down our throats disguised as 'talent'?
That sounds an awful lot like "Rita and Friends" to me...
Speaking as someone who has lived with people associating Rita MacNeil with
my partiucular neck of the woods, I'm as baffled as the next guy. Rita can't
deliver in a live setting, and writes mediocre songs about either (a) how
beautiful/nice/scenic Cape Breton is (incidentally, it's a blemish on the
arse of the universe and I can't WAIT to leave) or (b) love, two topics I've
become quite sick of hearing from no-talent Cape Breton artists such as Rita
MacNeil. I've never met her, so it's quite possible she's a perfectly
wonderful person, but that's utterly irrelevant. Almost as irrelevant
as...oh, I don't know...Chris Murphy's hair!(chuckle) But who am I to talk of
irrelevance - this whole thread is kinda stretching the relevance rule for
this list. Not that I MIND slagging rotten Cape Breton music...

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