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"'can you help me out?'

she said, 'i'm a little lost tonight'" :)

hey sloannetters!  i have two questions:  one dealing with the Super 
Friendz, and the other dealing with Sloan.

First, the Super Friendz.  In addition to weird moods, i've been having odd 
flashbacks.  The one that is bugging me the most has to do with the Super 
Friendz.  i keep hearing in my head the original 3 singing in "harmony" (and 
i use that term loosely ;) ), a cappella, in a round style, the phrase 
"paper back writer".  i think the progression is Drew -> Matt -> Charles.  i 
need to know where this is from!  i'm pretty certain that  it's from some 
interview from the tele... YTV News, MuchEast, Fax.....  If anybody out 
there knows what i'm talking about (and i know i have this on tape 
somewhere, except the tapes are far, far away w/ the tv and vcr), please 
tell meeeeee!!!!

Next, the Sloan.  (or is it *thee* Sloan?  or Slooooan! or..)  Anybody out 
there win, or know of someone who won, an autographed copy of _OCTA_ via YTV 
News???   Please contact me privately.

Thank you very much :)  Have a good weekend, y'all :) :) :)

                    ...sizzle teen <NISHITC\!/tc.gc.ca>

p.s. anyone in Ottawa know why Plumtree aren't coming anymore?  :'( 
 (although, it never made sense why they would come here in the first place, 
when they all have school....)