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Re: sloan on rita

>I am also mystified by the success of Rita.  Why is she famous?  Am I missing
>something?  Somebody please clue me in.

Obviously you folks are too young to be taken in by her sweet voice and
gentle demeanour. She's an east coast success story, a woman who once
cleaned houses and lifted herself about that in majestic cinderella fashion
to become a star.

For the record, my mom is a big fan of hers.

>(sometime) federally funded CBC networks. The degree of federal support is
>in proportion the degree of "have-notness" of the applicant.  I have heard
>that the MacNeils were a particularily disadvantaged lot.  One can only
>weep with pity when one considers their presumptive neighbours in the
>barrio, The Rankins.

Let us not be so cynical! Besides, is government funding of artists any more
insidious than the corporate money grubbers who try to shove so much shit
down our throats disguised as 'talent'?