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sloan on rita

Well, I saw Sloan's performance on the Rita show last night.  Luckily we get
the CBC here in the Detroit area.  As expected they played "Everything You've
Done Wrong."  Why is it that all the horrible performers get to play two songs
but the good bands only get to play one?!?  With Patrick on lead vocals, I
missed Chris Murphy's oh-so-cool dance moves.

I am also mystified by the success of Rita.  Why is she famous?  Am I missing
something?  Somebody please clue me in.  (I hope that she is not some national
treasure and I am about to be flamed severely.)  She must have sung three or
four songs herself, taking valuable time away that Sloan could have used to
play another song.

(I can't see internet addresses either unless they are included in the message.)