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Re: rita & friends

"Why does some low-talent, 80s hair farmer get THREE songs and our beloved 
shaggy hairs get only one? Where is the justice?"

I totally agree with this.  I was hoping that everyone got to perform twice, and
everyone did--including Rita--and DAN HILL performs THREE, including one from 
like 1977?!  Sick and wrong, I tell ya.

"did their song seem a few beats faster than in previous incarnations?"

I thought so, too.  Didja love Jay?  He eerily looked like a very young Mick 

I loved the way Rita (the Nicest Woman in the World) said, "Sloan."  She might 
as well have said, "Bunnies!"  And when the announcer teased us with:  "Next:  
Rita and Sloan!" I thought they might do a song together (just imagine!).

Making a Dan Hill voodoo doll,


"And all the world is biscuit shaped...it's just for me to feed my face."