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Re: jale in vancouver...change that to Victoria

At 03:58 PM 10/23/91 -0700, brian_wieser\!/mindlink.bc.ca wrote:
>saw the band here at DV8 on monday -- not a place that i've ever seen
>(or heardof) a band playing before, but it was really really nice and

I saw them at UVic & at Java here in Victoria yesterday, and it's the same
kind of thing.  Coffeehouses are cool.  I'd never been there before, but I'd
definitely go see a band there more often now.  Jale dressed for the
coffeehouse part too...normal clothes for the university, and dark clothes
and glasses for the evening show.  But that's about as stupid as talking
about Chris Murphy's hair, so onward...

>They played songs that i
>wasn't familiar with, so i can only assume it was all of So Wound.  They
>didn't play any older material, not even a request for "Frightened of"
>;) ...

In Victoria they kind of split their sets between So Wound and completely
new songs (many of which had Mike singing & playing guitar).  The new songs
are really good...they fit in well with the stuff from So Wound.  The song
that impressed me the most was "Despite" (i think that's the name
anyway--it's the one on So Wound where Mike sings).  Anyway, it was a real
treat getting to see them twice in the same day.  Sorry to bootleg &
bastardize your review Brian, it's just easier than starting from scratch... :)