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"Dokanto ippatsu tsubushite hajimaru..." Ultra Bide

Ummmm so this may be a stupid question(all thanks go to the American bias
here against Canadian music[and I live in the "supposed" live music
capital of the world Austin TexAss.] damn I miss my good ole' days
haunting the streets of Vancouver) but where can I get albums by this
band called the Inbreads??  Two Basses?!?!  I have wanted to explore that
side with my band(Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub) but the rest of the band
thinks that it is a bad idea.  Groovy guitar soundz, Ohhhh that sounds
just fab.  Also can anyone tell me the order of Eric's Trip CD's.  Ya
know which one came first and which was the last.  Also the same question
applies to Jale.  Is "So Would" (just purchased today from the fine
people at Waterloo records) their latest release???  Today I
ordered(finally)" One Chord to Another", and Hip Club Groove(the title of
their EP just sounded cool).  Soon I should get the SuperFriendz in the
mail(Greg[my best canadian buddy] told me too check them out, he turned
me onto Eric's Trip so I know that he won't be wrong).  But alas I think
that I'am the only person here in Austin that even know's about Sloan.  I
feel so alone.  Oh but anyways here is a little tip that I will fill all
ya'll in on.  On the 8th of November Chixdiggit will play at Emo's(this
place suck's)!!!!  I was there the last time they played. I know their
not East Coast but still they are Canadian and I do love them so. So if
anyone here in the Austin, TexAss area is around on that date, come to
the show.  The last one did not let me down.  I know this one won't.  Hey
hopefully they are on tour with Huevos Rancherous(does anyone know if
they are on tour with another Canadian band)!!!  At the last show this
dumb band called HyperFluff(One more lame assed local Austin band) opened
for them.  But those fine lads made up for it with their charming good
look's and rock on style.  Plus me and the guitarist Mark talked about
Sloan, Hockey, and Soccer.  He is just the sweetest guy and there are not
even enough nice things that I can say about him!!  Alright so I'am off
to comb the neighborhood in search of the mysterious Devil Dog( he is out
there and he follow's me around, one of these day's we will meet and it
will be a fight to the death).

Straight outta the bowels of TexAss.  SonofSectchie lives in his delicate
universe. Only to be bothered with Hockey, guitars,  the few women that
he know's and his odd obsession with pudding.