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Inbreds at Sams LONG MESSAGE

Well, I guess it's all up to me...

Inbreds at Sams on Barrington St, Wed. Oct 22, 4:00 pm:

The inbreds started playing at around 4:05 pm.  Along with Mike and Dave 
was the new bass/guitar player Matt Kelly.  They played the following:

Reason Why I'm Shy
Wind Picks Up
North Window
Cut My Throat
Wanna Be Your Friend
Do You Really
When You're Angry
My Favourite Sattelite
Drag Us Down

The first 4 songs were played with 2 basses.  The 2 basses gave them a 
thicker sound, which seemed to go over well with the crowd.  The rest of 
the songs had Matt on guitar.  The bass and drums are still the core of 
the music, with the guitar overlaying with groovy sounds.

A few notables in the crowd were the superfriendz, half of plumtree, the 
Thompson family (Chris with his partner and their baby), and me of course:).

I took a few pictures of the show, as well as a few from Lil Orton, and 
I'll be taking some at future shows, if anyone wants copies 

That's all
ps> the new TPOH CD rawks.  (Brad Barker IS from Dartmouth:)