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in review...

so, um, i hear the INBREDS played at *4* pm yesterday.
well, it was fun watching them packing up their gear.
and the hors d'oeuvres were good at the party afterwards.
uh, that's my review of the inbreds.  let's just say
i was misled about the gig start time by um, someone
deep in the Organization...  i don't think i would have
believed it if i heard 4pm anyway -- hard to believe they
would schedule an instore simultaneously with the education
cuts student protest two blocks down the street...  hope i
didn't make anyone else miss it.  and yeah, like tara said,
i hear this supposed wednesday zumpano gig in moncton is off...

adam writes:

>> 15. Name the two groups spawned by Bubaiskull.
>> Rebecca West and Coyote
>what about "Raging Goat Surfers" and "Great Slave"?  Bubaiskull played
>as under these names briefly just before their breakup (around
>Dec 93/Jan 94). Long live the memory of the DD.

bubaiskull played as "raging goat surfers" only because scarce
dared them to do it... they never adopted that as a name.
but yes, they were "great slave" for a while, in fact, they did a
recording session while using that name (never released though).


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