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Hercules Info:

This is from Brendan.
He, once again, can't post to the list.

> the THRUSH HERMIT guy will be recording the champs on the hermit 
> eight-track recorder real soon...  hot new hfx band HERCULES are
> doing some openers for SUPER FRIENDZ and ZUMPANO in moncton and
> fredericton this week...

State Champs aren't the only ones getting to record in Hermit studios.. 
There will be no Moncton show.. BUT there IS a show in Fredricton on 
Saturday.. w/ Zumpano, Superfriendz, Steaming Toolie and Hercules..
I hope Mr. Jon Bartlett can fill in the rest of the details, cause that's 
all I know about that show.
Also, for any of those interested.. Hercules are gonna be playing at 
the TUNS T-Room this FRIDAY night 10-1.. cover is only $2.. please drop 
by and help us make it to Fredricton.. if anyone wants to hear more.. 
mail me.