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Re: Broken Girl CD

Sappy is out of the Broken Girl CD (spoke to Julie today)
there are still a few left at Sub Pop in Seattle via mail order
1-800-subpop-1 is the number
the cost is US$13.00 + US$4.00 for shipping.
I hope this answers some of your questions.

oh and julie _does_ speak french now the thread can R.I.P.

At 16:12 96/10/22 -0700, Adrian John Bos wrote:
>> Hi there friends,
>> I've talked to Julie on several occasions, and I'm pretty sure she
>> knows I'm French, but she never spoke to me in French. Hey, Mark's
>> last name is Gaudet (a French name also) and he assured me he doesn't
>> know a word of the language.
>It's pretty pointless to keep this thread going, but I saw a broken girl
>concert once where she sang a song in French.  
>	 Adrian