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Re: gossip galore...

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, James Covey wrote:

> a little birdy told me...
> the INBREDS have an instore performance here in halifax tomorrow at 5pm,
> sam the record man...  

i could be wrong, but i think the posters said 4 pm. not that i'm doubting
james' information, but after the jale fiasco.... :) that's today! woo!

> hot new hfx band HERCULES are doing some openers for SUPER FRIENDZ and 
> ZUMPANO in moncton and fredericton this week...

again, i would double check your local listings, i heard zumpano cancelled
their moncton show and i don't know if hercules will be making the big
trip to new brunswick. they will, however, be playing at the T-room (ha!)
at the technical university of nova scotia (TUNS) this friday night. come
out and see them, then let's plow on over to the birdland for the
superfriendz and zumpano.

and on a related note, i've received a LOT of requests for copies of the
drew yamada article - unfortunately, it will *not* be published in the
newspaper _transcript_ - we decided to pull it when that superfriendz tour
post was made (um, drew said the band was too broke to tour, so that sort
of changes...everything. :)  )  *but* if anyone still wants an email
version of what was to be, you can email me with the subject line "WAY TO
GO DREW"  :) :) and i'll type it up and send it to yer little inbox.

and one more thing (it's not a long enough post, colin...not yet) i think
i'm speaking with everyone's
favorite pot heads the rome plows this saturday evening. the results of
which may end up in impact magazine. if you would like to know something
about them which may or may not become part of the story, write me with
the subject line "ROME PLOWS"...has anyone outside of the maritimes heard
them yet ie/ at yer local college radio station?

goodbye until next week/until this account falls over, bloated and dead,
(for the person who can't get email addresses unless they are in the
message... tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca  or twittche\!/is2.dal.ca )  :)