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argh! not the 11th but the 10th

that is 
Gord's Place
November *10th* for Zumpano and Superfriendz
and while i'm posting may as well make it useful. here are the dates I have
for that tour, of course this is what I know of right now... it'll be
updated at www.subpop.com when we know of changes.

Zumpano & Superfriendz
25	Birdland, Halifax, NS
26	Rye's Deli, Fredericton, NB
27	Pub en Ville, Trois Rivieres, QC
29	Foufounes Electriques, Montreal, QC
1	Embassy, London, ON
4	Trasheteria, Peterborough, ON
5	Trasheteria, Kingston, ON
6	X-Club, Hamilton, ON
7	Horseshoe, Toronto, ON
8	Volcano, Kitchener, ON
9	The Cave, Ottawa, ON
10	Gord's Place, St.Catharines, ON