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Re: Whatever happened to the new guidelines?

Hi Riotgrrl (and friends),

I posted this publicly also to officially apologize (Sorry, Riotgrrl, 
if you get two copies of this, I also wanted to post this to you 
privately.) for the sudden increase in volume on sloannet due to 
yours truly.

The new guidelines are, in my opinion, still effective. However, 
remember that I just arrived here Friday, have little to no knowledge 
of Sloan apart from their last two albums (which I cherish) and a few 
articles (Hey, not everyone's fortunate enough to live in Halifax. 
S;^) ).

However, I _would_ like to be informed on what the guidelines are and 
just _what_ is discussable and what is not on sloannet. Now, if 
someone were to tell me to talk about Sloan and simply Sloan would be 
kind of being, um, (a four letter word that starts with a, finishes 
with l, and is kind of a rude ending to itself, so I'm not posting it 
here), since I have seen (and enjoyed) postings on Broken Girl, 
Thrust Hermit (Did I spell that wrong? Must check my albums.), jale, 
and other groups of the like.

In my experience, all mailing lists I have been on stray from the 
main subject (by everyone's fault equally), only to come full circle 
and dazzle everyone present with a juicy tidbit that sends all 
reeling in ecstacy (or sorrow, considering what the news may be). 
I've been on six so far (including this one), and this is the one 
that I've seen the least volume so far. Either everyone is extremely 
well behaved and properly instructed in netiquette (I've seen posts 
that fully quote a seven-screen-long message posted priorly and then 
add one line at the end. Oof! S\!/^S) or that there is hardly any 
information to pass from one another (Not to sound rude or degrading 
here, just a theoretical concept.)

As for the Canadian Musician post I did (with humourous twist 
provided by sloannet-request... pass the quote and you get a few 
prime lines dictated by a machine philosophising on personal taste, 
individual reaction to stimuli, self-existence and possibly even 
classic existalism... Any university teachers out there? S;^) ), I 
probably should have thought twice and reposted the original message 
(that never made it to sloannet) rather that post something that I 
thought humourous, whereas others may find irritating.

I appreciate those who e-mailed me privately to warn me of possible 
flare-ups. No, Riotgrrl, you were not being bitchy. I've seen 
Pandoras ignite with rage on frequencies other than this one, both to 
others and to myself. (If you're interested, subscribe to lost-
chords\!/shore.net and ask "Who was Bysance?", or to on-
reflection\!/darkwing.uoregon.edu and ask for Rick Butler (a master 
flamer that has won me over). What you said was completely logical. E-
mail me privately if you wish and we could have a conversation over 
what applies and doesn't apply to sloannet, or on mailing lists in 
general. It would be fun to talk. S:^)

In conclusion, thanks for putting up with a day of heavy posting from 
yours truly and hopefully, I will learn to curb all my urges for 
conversation into one long, digest of a post. With possible Sloan 
content, of course.

Then again, maybe I just talk too much...
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)