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please excuse me if i am mistaken

hello everyone :)

just  a reminder (and i'm assuming this date still holds because there have 
been no corrections or updates) that this Wednesday's _Rita & Friends_ will 
feature Chris Murphy & Friends (sometimes referred to as "Sloan").  8 pm 
local, except 8:30 nfld, on CBC, i think???   And if anyone in Ottawa would 
like to invite me over to watch it, since i am without a tv, please do :) 
 i'll bring some munchies :) :) :)

and i do believe that Broken Girl (Julie) speaks french.  i was walking past 
her once, after a show, and she was talking to someone in french.  Also, she 
has a song (not on the CD) that is in french (although, my friend said that 
it's more of a Moncton fran-glais than pure french).  It's a very beautiful 
song :)

                         ...sizzle teen

p.s.  Inbreds, Plumtree, Cool Blue Halo, and Madhat this weekend, jale 3 
times next week, Super Friendz the weekend after... it's a fine time for 
east coast music in Ottawa :)  (but not so good for the under 19-ers :(  ) 
 Now to coax and cajole those Sloaners to come back..... :)