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Whatever happened to the new guidelines?

hey eveyone,
	ok i don't mean to start a thread or anything but this is just
pissing me off.

	Can we all follow the rule that if your going to post to try and
post all your stuff in one letter so as not to clog up everyone's
mailboxes with 10 postings from the same person on almost absolutely
nothing. I think we all know to what I'm refering to. I don't mean to
start anything or to sound bitchy but I'm just sick of looking at my
mailbox to read six postings from the same person that could of been
summed up in one post.

 ok for some other news:
	The NYU Independent Music fest plans are underway. If there are
any bands that would like to submit for consideration and have not
already, please get in touch with me asap. The 6th annual IMF will take
place April 3rd, 4th, and 5th in New York City.  Also I'm in need of the
phone #'s of these labels: Cinnamon Toast
	                   Homemade Hearts
			and any other label that wants to submit.

thanks for your help,
Julie (who looks like a reverse Cruella Deville with her new black steak.)

Slave Jules, UNpaid intern to record labels that have more $ than God
                          RAWK Journalist Extrodinaire 
                             (check out the zine 'Marcus Said "Magazen"') 
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